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Namco Bandai "Thinking About" Vesperia 2

Illustration for article titled Namco Bandai Thinking About Vesperia 2

Namco Bandai hosted a developer discussion in Shinjuku to celebrate the theatrical release of Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike, and Namco's general manager intimated that "there's a desire" to make a sequel, according to Famitsu.


Taking pre-screened questions, Makoto Yoshizumi, the Namco Bandai general manager, said staff would pester him during meetings "Will you be making Vesperia 2?" His reply: 'Don't talk like a fan!" However, "It appears that [within the company] there's a desire to make part 2. We're thinking about it."

Sequel thoughts aren't limited to just games. Yoshizumi said the company is also contemplating things they'd like to see if another Vesperia movie were made. "I don't know when it will happen, but we'd like to show [these things] in video form," he said.


Namco Bandai "Thinking About" Making Tales of Vesperia 2 [VG247]

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Bubbleman! Will buy a PS Vita for NHL 13 or Gundam Extreme VS, so make it reality!

I can't get into the series without feeling embarrassed to be playing it (too many anime and genre cliches to bear) but the first game sure was beautiful.

I think if Namco Bandai made a Tales Of game with more realistic character-proportions and no "magical girl" characters, I would probably enjoy it. #namcobandai