Namco Bandai Celebrates UK SoulCalibur V Launch With Fitness Classes

Illustration for article titled Namco Bandai Celebrates UK emSoulCalibur V/em Launch With Fitness Classes

Every Tuesday evening in February London fight game fans can step away from their game console and grab a little fitness with Gymbox's SoulCalibur V: Swordsman Workout class. No, seriously.


While there is a possibility that I am just too ignorant about the London gaming scene to realize how physically fit the fighting game fans are over there. Perhaps the Westfield Gymbox location will wind up swamped every Tuesday night as fans show up in droves to burn calories the SoulCalibur way. Maybe the allure of something for nothing will be enough for them to show up with copies of the game in hand, getting their Gymbox sign-up fee waived in return.

Whatever the reason, it resulted in some really horrible cosplay, so it was all worth it.


Soulcalibur V joins forces with GYMBOX to celebrate game launch [The Drum]

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Huh. I figure offering free breast englargements would be a more fitting promotion. Then again, they may be saving that for Tomonobu Itagaki's next game.