Virtual idol Miku Hatsune has her own Sega video games, concerts, insane game controllers, and figurines. Whether it's plastic statues for arcade redemption games or detailed collectors' statues, there is no shortage of Miku merch.


One fan decided there was a gaping hole in the Miku figures, namely of the totally naked variety, and decided to make a highly detailed and highly nude custom Miku Hatsune figure. The figure has removable, interchangeable hands that can reveal her chest as well as a neck tie that can be wore or taken off.

The figure was auctioned off on Yahoo! Auctions in Japan, where it fetched yen;502,000 - nearly US$6,000!

The seller might not want to get too excited about this custom figure windfall. Earlier this year, two men in Niigata Prefecture were arrested for selling a customized Kamen Rider W figure (pictured) via Yahoo! Auctions for over $3,000.


The two were picked up for violating Japanese copyright law. The suspects told authorities that since the figure was one-off and custom-made, they thought it would be overlooked. It wasn't. And that one wasn't even naked. This one is.

【ヤフオク】初音ミクの魔改造フィギュアが50万円で落札される [はちま起稿]

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