Before you judge, realize that this book was partly created to help promote safe sex. Not sex with the food, that is.

Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

Titled "Condom Meals I Want to Make for You," the book was also apparently created to show that condoms "aren't just contraceptive devices."

According to NariNari, the e-book was co-created by Kyosuke Kagami, writer of the manga Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous, and contains condom-based recipes like "Condom Meat Stuffing" and "Condom Escargot Cooked with Butter."

There are 11 recipes in total, including desserts like "Condom Cookies." The recipes supposedly aren't all that hard.


The book aims to show the durability of condoms and believes that this could potentially lead to the spread of condoms in cooking. Um. Okay!

Obviously, people online in Japan are very surprised by this e-book. The most common reaction seems to be, "What the hell?"


But as noted on NariNari, the point here isn't just cooking. Japanese men are some "third worst" condom users in the world, which leads to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. This book was conceived to raise awareness about condoms and, I assume, help increase their use in the kitchen and out.

It's fine to love food, but just don't love food, m'kay?

なぜ作ったコンドーム料理本、"避妊具だけでない魅力"を追求。 [NariNari]

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