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Mythic General Manager Mark Jacobs sudden departure may have taken Mythic employees off-guard, according to at least one source close to the company.

As reported earlier today, EA has restructured Mythic, placing it under the leadership of BioWare as part of a new RPG/MMO division of the company. BioWare's Ray Muzyka will be heading up both companies, with Mythic co-founder Greg Zeschuk taking charge of the Mythic portion following the departure of general manager Mark Jacobs, a move that looks to be just as much as surprise to Mythic as it was to us.


Tracey John at Massively spoke to an ex-Mythic employee who has been keeping up with company chatter today, who indicated that, while Jacobs had been on sabbatical for more than a month, employees were still shocked to hear of his departure.

"People are shocked and in disbelief about Mark leaving," said the former staffer. "But they're also excited to be working with BioWare. I can't even fathom Mark leaving a company he loved so much, it was his life. Personally, I can't see that this is voluntary in any shape or form."

The source indicated that no one other than Jacobs would be leaving their position, voluntarily or otherwise, with the entire staff heading out to a movie theater to receive an address by Muzyka sometime today.

Having spoken to Mark Jacobs on various occasions, I would have to agree with the course. He was far too passionate about the company and Warhammer Online to have simply resigned. We'll keep abreast of the situation to see if we can get any more information regarding the circumstances of his abrupt departure.


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