My Silliest Interview Of The Week

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I worked the red carpet for the Interactive Achievement Awards yesterday, doing my best not to ask the gaming luminaries who walked by what they were wearing. Silly mini-interviews can happen at these things. Such as this one:

David Adams and Tim Campbell of Vigil Games walked up to me. Their studio made Darksiders. I'm going to paraphrase the best part of our exchange:

Me: What are you working on now?

Them: Darksiders 2.

Me: Oh? The first one was like Zelda. What game is this one going to be like?

Them: Darksiders.

Of course they weren't going to tell me what's going on with the new game. That doesn't happen on a Red Carpet. We joked about who should star in it and agreed that if they put a different horseman of the apocalypse in the lead role of Darksiders 2, then the CEO of Darksiders publisher THQ might be able to happily project Darksiders as a quadrology — quartet? Hypothetically speaking, of course. At least we know what the sequel will be like, though, right?



I don't think this game is as derivative as others say it is.

Granted, I've only played the first few hours, but if anything it needs to borrow more from other games. I'm still at the point where you slog through enemies with the same three dirt simple combos. I have a weird ritual where I start playing it and think "Wow! This is awesome!" which eventually leads to "Ugh, when do I get the gun again?"

Also, I really think it's funny when people say that this is the closest we will get to a "Mature" Zelda. There's a difference between a game that's actually mature and one that follows what a 14-year-old thinks is cool.

Still, I like the game...for a few hours at a time.