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I worked the red carpet for the Interactive Achievement Awards yesterday, doing my best not to ask the gaming luminaries who walked by what they were wearing. Silly mini-interviews can happen at these things. Such as this one:

David Adams and Tim Campbell of Vigil Games walked up to me. Their studio made Darksiders. I'm going to paraphrase the best part of our exchange:

Me: What are you working on now?

Them: Darksiders 2.

Me: Oh? The first one was like Zelda. What game is this one going to be like?

Them: Darksiders.

Of course they weren't going to tell me what's going on with the new game. That doesn't happen on a Red Carpet. We joked about who should star in it and agreed that if they put a different horseman of the apocalypse in the lead role of Darksiders 2, then the CEO of Darksiders publisher THQ might be able to happily project Darksiders as a quadrology — quartet? Hypothetically speaking, of course. At least we know what the sequel will be like, though, right?


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