My Pokemon Battle Went Downhill From Here

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That's me vs. MTV Multiplayer's Russ Frushtick, before our Poke-battle yesterday. Despite the wonderful Pokemon advice that the world's best game designers gave me, my Level 15 Totodile could not beat his Level 17 Totodile. Gory details at MTV's site.


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Stephen Totilo

To answer a few of the questions being asked here... the rules of this match, as set up by Russ at MTV, was that we could only each use Totodile and that we could only level him up using the Pokewalker. As Russ notes in his piece, the experience points you gain by walking with the Pokewalker can only raise the Pokemon one character level each time you sync the walker to the DS. So even though he didn't walk that many more steps than me, he synced twice more than I did. That decided the level difference and that is pretty much what screwed me.

I assumed Water Gun would do me no good. My only regret is not risking a try with Rage, but I thought that would be little better than Scratch.