Since taking up duties as Kotaku's official mobile gaming guy, I've started spending a large amount of time sitting outside on my patio, trying to look busy while playing games on my iPad or my Transformer Prime. The PadPivot is my constant companion, resting reassuringly upon my thigh andkeeping my tablet safe and secure.

The PadPivot is one of the earliest Kickstarter success stories, raising nearly $200,000 for a goal that was only $10,000. I can dig it; this is eactly the sort of ingenious little product that would be nearly impossible to sell to a large manufacturer. With Kickstarter people could see the product in action on people's legs, and suddenly their legs would feel terrible bare and lonely.

It's more than just a thigh stand, of course. It makes a rather sexy little desktop stand as well. I've been using mine for a couple of months now, and I'm not sure what I'd do without it.

Okay, not true. Without it I'd have my iPad propped up on this styrofoam Taco Mac takeout box. This is probably the better way.

PadPivot - $39.99 [Official Website]