My Most Anticipated PS3 Game Slides Out of 2012 (But Here's an English Trailer)

Ni No Kuni, a collaboration between RPG powerhouse Level-5 and animation wizards Studio Ghibli, is not only one of the prettiest video games I've ever seen, but also one of the more enjoyable, at least on the PS3. It's very sad news, then, that the game's Western release has been delayed.

Originally scheduled to appear later this year, publishers Namco Bandai have pushed the game's American release back to 2013 (it was originally "Winter 2012", ie December). In doing so, it should be out at the same time as the European version, which was always due in early 2013 anyways.


Namco Bandai cited as the main reason for the delay a desire to see people like myself shed manly tears.

The trailer above is the first time we've seen the game's extensive Western localisation in place. Which is...nice and all, but given the fact this is going out to fans of a Japanese RPG company and a Japanese anime studio, how many people are going to play with the new voices when they can just select to play it as the creators intended?

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I have never understood the love for Studio Ghibli.

Someone please explain it to me?