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My Mail Got Nerfed

Illustration for article titled My Mail Got Nerfed

I don't remember being assigned a Nerf N-Strike Elite review, but lo! A copy has been sent to my house for review purposes by the good folks over at EA Play Label.


Assuming word doesn't come down from on high that I should break this bad boy open and get down to business, I'll be tossing Neft N-Strike Elite to the Ümloud! onto the pile of swag I'm amassing for the December 9 event.

I do recall playing this game at PAX 2009 while I waited in line for an APB demo. The consoles for it happened to be set up close enough to the line for the PR rep to lean over and let us take turns shooting virtual Nerf darts at targets and robots. I was sort of "meh" about the whole thing (but totally grateful for something to do in line), until the guy told me that the Wii peripheral gun you plug your Wiimote into is actually a real Nerf gun you can use outdoors. On your brother. Like I would have done right then and there if he'd been around.


If you want the game for yourself and you're not going to Ümloud!, it's out now.

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