My Five Favorite Kotaku Stories From Last Week

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It’s been a quieter fall than normal for big game releases, but we’ve been covering a slew of smaller new games and finding plenty of interesting stories. My favorites from last week:


Best eSports coverage:

New releases we covered, pro and con: Metal Gear Online, Planetbase, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone, Chibi Robo: Zip Lash, Downwell, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (actually, that one’s a little old but isn’t out in America yet!), Mushroom 11, Bedlam, Civilization Beyond Earth: Rising Tide, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, Soda Dungeon, Chesh, Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1, Legend of Legacy, Dragon Quest Heroes and Prison Architect.

Best headline: Counter-Strike Player Wins Match By Climbing On Opponent’s Head (Runners up: Square Enix’s Latest Streaming Restrictions Are Ridiculous, Witcher 3 Sends Taxman After Players Who Used Exploit, and Hardest World of Warcraft Boss, With Exactly 1 HP Left, Wipes Raid.)

Best GIF (via this post):

Got thoughts about what we published last week or about stories you’d like to see on the site? Let me know.

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