I skipped last weekā€”and please donā€™t mention how late it is this weekā€”but Iā€™ve got my five favorite Kotaku stories of the past week all lined up for praise. Shall we?

  • Kotaku Asks: An Anonymous Video Game Tester | Iā€™m a fan of the Friday Kotaku Asks interview series that Jason has been curating. Mr./Ms. Anonymous Video Game Tester had plenty to share with our readers.
  • A Mario Kart Finish To Remember | Yannickā€™s piece here is barely a story, right? Itā€™s 15 words long, and thatā€™s if you count the headline. What heā€™s doing here, though, is great and part of what I want on our site as we continue to lean more into doing post-release coverage: heā€™s spotted an extraordinary moment in a game and showing it to our readers. Luke did something similar with this weird NBA moment. We found the latter moment via Reddit, but the Mario Kart finish was sent to us for Highlight Reel consideration. Submissions to HR continue to bear fruit, as it seems like people really are into showing off amazing and/or funny moments in the games they are playing. Hooray! (Post-release coverage often begets more than a 15-word post around here, of course; I was happy with the things Nathan and Yannick noticed about ongoing dramas in World of Warcraft and Dying Light this week.)
  • Every Now And Then Something Lovely Happens In Destiny | Just a nice feel-good piece from Kirk Hamilton about something going well in an online multiplayer game.
  • Pushing Cosplay To Its Absolute Limits | Lukeā€™s cosplay coverage continues to be a highlight. Occasionally, heā€™ll dig deeper for a piece like this, which gives us the scoop on a five-person team who spent some 450 hours making costumes for an extraordinary cosplay shoot in Iceland.
  • The Best Video Game Movies | Another one from Luke, as he continues to exercise good taste in his curation of The Best things in gaming (and geek) culture.

Five already. Argh. But there was also Patriciaā€™s very NSFW dick-pic-video-game story. And Evanā€™s Sunset review. Also: Brianā€™s explanation of how to rent boyfriends in Japan.


Best GIF we ran last week (from this post):

Got thoughts about what we published last week or about stories youā€™d like to see on the site? Let me know.


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