My Favourite Game of 2012 Also Has the Absolute Worst DLC

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Keep your space operas and fighting things things, my favourite game of 2012 so far has been the wonderfully deep marriage/backstabbing simulator Crusader Kings II.


It's a shame, then, that the game now has the year's worst DLC to date. And that's including a game where you're being charged for the ending.

On April 17, developers Paradox will release Crusader Kings II: Ruler Designer, an optional add-on that will let you either customise existing rulers or allow the user to create news ones. In other words, it's a character creation tool. You know, the type everything from FIFA to Skyrim packs in as an essential part of the game.

Here, though, it's going for USD$5. And you don't even get a fancy 3D model or new set of animations for it. You get to tweak a 2D portrait and move your ruler's stats sliders around.

Crusader Kings II Ruler Designer DLC Announced! [Paradox]



Good lord just stop with the Asura's Wrath bashing. Yeah yeah yeah it's a new ending...which is what any DLC that comes after the games will end up being! That's just what happens! Give it a rest. It's exactly what people asked for in terms of cheap, meaningful content worked on after the game was finished. Cue that one guy who's the only guy who dislikes the two already complete endings that exist in the game and a bunch of people who haven't actually played the game blowing up over something they know nothing about.

This DLC, on the other hand, is actually really lame and something that the PC world has long been able to separate itself from. It's really pretty sad.