Open-world Hong Kong crime game Sleeping Dogs has gotten a "definitive edition" re-master—it's out on PC now and hits consoles next week. While the definitive edition comes with updated graphics and includes a bunch of already-released expansion missions, my favorite improvement is less noticeable.

See, if you boot up the original version of Sleeping Dogs, you'll get this menu screen:


The "new game" option is at the top, and is selected by default. That means that if you're just mashing the A button to skip through the game's intro splash screens (as we all d0), it will take you through to "new game" rather than "continue game."

It's a flagrant violation of one of the Ten Commandments of Video Game Menus, and was actually even an example cited in that article.

This week, I booted up the new definitive edition of the game, and what did I see?


Nice! Always good to see that there's one less menu-sinner in the world. Three cheers for the slow march of progress.

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