In the Video Game World of Retail, No One Walks Out the Door Unless They're Dissatisfied

Cracked offers a spot-on satirization of the miserable buyer/miserable seller relationship fostered by video gaming's simplified retail economies. However, it overlooks some enormous bargains you can find in real estate. For example, an entire golf course for $5.

Why Shopping in a Video Game Universe Sucks [Cracked]

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My favorite shopkeepers are the ones that appear right before the final dungeon, or inexplicably, right before the last boss in the dungeon full of monsters that are almost like bosses themselves. The ones that have the best non-loot armor and weapons in the game, the most effective potions and elixers, and special items that can't be found anywhere else in the game. They are fully aware of what the stakes are, that you are the only hero with a chance of saving the world, and by extension, their asses. And yet they still make you pay out the nose for this equipment that will make it much more likely that you will save them. They don't even offer a discount.

That's like the beginning of game where the king sends you out on your quest with a couple hundred gold and whatever you can scrounge from the treasure chests in the castle, usually a regular short sword and some leather armor or something. Not the chests that are clearly visible behind the bars in the treasure room, though. Those you'll have to come back for later in the game when you have found the magic key of unlocking, or some shit. Not any of the weapons or armor that the castle guards are wearing, which is still probably better than what you have. And he doesn't give you an expense account to go and buy whatever you need, even though you are trying to save the world here.