My Driver's License Picture? Ha. Ha. Ha.

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Leipzig and Trailer Trashing Travel advice... Hrm... Drink lots of beer on the plane and watch only the good in-flight movies? Besides that, no, not really. Went and got my driver's license renewed. The process entailed me going to my local police station, filing out some forms and taking an eye examination. Also had to bring a small photo of myself for the new license. Unlike in the US, you need to go to a photo booth (not a purikura booth, a photo booth), put in like ¥700 and get your picture taken. Then you hafta cut the picture out the exact size mentioned in the postcard that tells you need to renew your license — however, the lady at the police station was cutting everyone's pictures for them. I always thought that driver's license pics look bad because someone else was taking them. No. I took maybe 6 or so pictures in the photo booth and my new driver's license picture is going to look strange, very strange. I wanted to do more retakes, but the booth wouldn't let me do anymore on the ¥700 I fed it. It's fate, I think, can't fight it. Unless you are lucky. What you missed last night Team Fortress 2 Gets New Game Mode, Maps More New (High Quality) Final Fantasy XIII, Versus XIII Images Hellgate Creator On Why Hellgate Sucked SEGA Does New House Of The Dead Wii Trailer Oh So Right Street Fighter IV Console Debut At Leipzig GC! Street Fighter IV Comes Out When Street Fighter: The Movie Does? First Dead Rising Wii Hands-On, Gameplay Footage Gerstmann Axe-Man Now Working At In-Game Ad Company Nerf N-Strike – We Need More Games Like This Earn $$$ With Fable II Pub Games Bug The Games Convention Uber Update Post



@Crawl to China: Hey I live in Hull! That's just on the other side of the river! :P

On topic. My driver's license picture which I'm stucked with until 2012 I think, got it in 2006 is awful too. I look like a killer, if I remember well, I was pissed off that day add to that a huge goatee.

Can't wait to get a new one. I'm glad I can redo at least my university one in two weeks. I'm allergic to flashes + I yawned right before the picture. Ultra red eyes followed. I'm just no good with card pictures it seems, so I can sympathise Bash.