My Current PS4 Obsession: Resogun's New Survival Mode

I did not expect to be playing Resogun in the summer of 2014. I thought I was done with it. I was wrong. The new $5 Resogun Heroes expansion for the PS4 launch game has a great new mode with it, a mode that has taken over my gaming life. Watch the video above for details.


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I guess I will be that guy:

So the best game after 7 month of PS4 release is the free game released with the PS4/PSN subscription. Whatever happened to Sony's triple or quadruple A titles like Knack or Killerzone? Infamous Second Son wasn't exactly my cup of tea so I didn't care much about it. Is Sony making anything from the game sales or is it solely relying on the hardware and PSN subscription sales at this point?

And also do people really think that remastered TLOU will be a stellar seller on PS4? If you have already played the PS3 version, is there anything reason to jump into the PS4 version just b/c it has a pretty graphic?