MW2 PS3 Combat Wireless Headset Review: Pain in Your Ear

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I've reviewed the night vision goggles and Mad Catz 360 accessories for Modern Warfare 2. But what about the Playstation 3 peripherals?


I spent yesterday and today taking the Playstation 3 Combat Wireless headset for a spin. It looks nice, and with few official Playstation headsets to choose from, there's certainly a gap to fill. But is this the one for your in-game chat needs?

Look: The diminutive Bluetooth headset is lightweight and features a subtle design that hints at Modern Warfare 2 support without screaming that you're all about the military shooter. I'd be OK using this headset out and about with my cell phone without worrying about people thinking that I was a bit too gaming-minded.

Pain in My Ear: After about 20 minutes of gameplay, the in-ear headset started feeling really uncomfortable. Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of these sort of headsets, but I was surprised how quickly this particular one went from unnoticeable to down-right painful.

Clicks and Pops: Not sure what was going on, but during my time with the headset I kept hearing little clicks and pops. Nothing super loud and when people were talking it went away. But it was a little annoying to hear during the often-silent battles fought online in Uncharted 2.

The Bluetooth headset is quite nice looking and, according to those I chatted with, the 2.0 technology sounded pretty good too. But the combination of the occasional noises and the uncomfortable feel means I won't be using this headset for my nights of gaming.


What I came away with after hours spent using the headset is a much greater appreciation for the Throat Communicator that Mad Catz is selling for the Xbox 360. Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, that's the sort of headset I'd love to make my peripheral of choice for the Playstation 3. I realize there are some issues in trying to come up with a working system for the Throat Communicator on the PS3, but I'd like to think Mad Catz can over come them. Until then, I'll be without a voice on this console.


Modern Warfare 2 Combat Wireless Headset was developed and produced by Mad Catz for the Playstation 3 on Nov. 10. Retails for $39.99 USD. A headset was given to us by Mad Catz for reviewing purposes. Played several games for several hours with the headset.

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