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Muxlim Launches Beta Of Muxlim Pal Islamic Virtual World

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Islamic lifestyle and social networking site Muxlim has launched a beta of the virtual world/MMO we told you about back in October.

Muxlim Pal is a rather Habbo Hotel-like shared world open to all Muxlim members. Although superficially just a shared virtual space, Muxlim Pal does look as though it has at least nominal game elements as each avatar has "happiness, fitness, knowledge and spirituality" ratings that can change according to what the user does in the virtual space.


"We are not a religious site, we are a site that is focused on the lifestyle," said founder Mohamed El-Fatatry, "From what we have seen from our market research is that most Muslims have a lifestyle that is not so different from everybody else. They all share the core values which are from Islam then beyond that they actually have made identities, they have many interests."

Virtual world for Muslims debuts [BBC]