Further blurring the lines between just where music games sit in the video gaming industry, the British Official Charts Company have said that they're looking to include downloads for music games in the actual music sales charts.

So every time a Briton downloaded a single in Rock Band, Guitar Hero, SingStar or the like, that sale would count towards the song's performance on the charts.

These figures would be included in the "Download" charts, lumped in with music picked up from iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Omar Maskatiya, chart director at the Official Chart Company, says:

We have been in discussion with record labels and the various games companies that host games which allow users to download master recording versions of artist tracks. In theory they could be eligible to be combined with downloads of the same tracks that take place from the wide range of digital retailing services that currently make up our chart panel.


All that's left is to nut out a deal with publishers and platform holders as to how the figures would be tallied.

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