Murdered EVE Online Player Was a CIA Agent, According to the Infinite Wisdom of Glenn Beck

Illustration for article titled Murdered emEVE Online/em Player Was a CIA Agent, According to the Infinite Wisdom of Glenn Beck

Continuing his blossoming love affair with the video game community, conservative pundit Glenn Beck has waded into the tragic events surrounding the death of State Department employee Sean Smith in Libya earlier this month.


Not to pay his respects, though. He's bringing it up to accuse Smith and his colleagues of either working with the CIA or of being CIA agents, and that some of Smith's final messages to the outside world - which were sent to members of the EVE Online community - were actually coded, and intended for the CIA.

He goes online. To the gaming community. And he goes online to a gaming website and says 'people are surrounding us, and taking pictures of the building, we're in a safehouse in Benghazi, I hope we get out alive'. Now do you really believe this guy - a Navy Seal - suddenly has the urge to do some online gaming when people are watching the house and they're in trouble?


C.I.A. Message? Get us out of here.

Because, you know. The CIA wouldn't use secure transmissions or code. They'd just communicate, out in the open, on a public video game website.


You can see his masterfully-crafted theory kick off at the 10:25 mark here.

I Am Not Making Any Of This Up And Really Kind Of Wish I Were [Broken Toys, via Massively]

Obama Administration [Glenn Beck]

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Glad to see Kotaku reminding me that they are owned by Gawker...

But back to the point I want to make, please stop giving him or any other political commentator any sort of credibility by running a post on here. It just makes the website seem more trashy when people like Beck, Maddow and Limbaugh are mentioned in articles because, in my opinion, you are perpetuating the agenda they are trying to push. Lets get back to the stuff that matters, stuff like how EVE is very successful in creating its own niche in the MMO world.