Munna Will Eat Your Dreams And Your Nightmares

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Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Munna!


Munna Details

Type: Psychic

Average Height: 2'00"

Average Weight: 51.3 lbs.

First Added In Generation V

I had a friend who never had dreams. He was serious and would get angry at people who suggested he was wrong. Munna wouldn’t really be able to do anything with my friend. That’s because Munna is a Pokemon who can eat people’s dreams and in doing so, it erases the dream from that person’s memory.

A Pokemon that can eat people’s dreams is wild for a long list of reasons. I think the first thing that comes to my mind is how this creature even evolved into this form? I guess things work very differently in the Pokemon universe. But I just don’t see how useful it is for a wild animal to have this dream sucking ability. Then again, Munna is a giant pink ball that floats around. It was never going to be a top predator.

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What’s really interesting about Munna is that it can actually suck up dreams AND nightmares. This could be extremely useful for people who suffer from frequent nightmares. Or it could be useful if you are one of those people who have bad nightmares after seeing a scary film. Just grab a Munna and stick it near your bed and tell it to watch for any signs of fear or alarm. If they see your body start to convulse or hear you scream out “Oh no! Pennywise please don’t stick your wet finger in my ear!!” the Munna can jump into action and suck the evil nightmare from your head.

After eating up some dreams, according to Bulbapedia, Munna expels a mist that contains the dream. You can tell what kind of dream Munna has eaten based on the color of the mist. Pink mist means a happy and sweet dream. It also means Munna just ate someone’s happy dream and robbed that person of a wonderful day hanging out with their dead grandfather or something. Seems cruel.


Wait... Maybe my friend was being visited by a Munna every night and having his dreams erased?

Favorite Fan Art

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Illustration: DyeDy (DeviantArt)

Munna is pictured here expelling some nice and wonderful dream. It was probably a kid dreaming about his cat and how awesome it is to have superpowers. Nice going, Munna.

Random Facts

  • According to a Pokedex entry, Munna is related to Drowzee. The nose gives it away, honestly.
  • As far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be any documented evidence of what color the mist looks like when a nightmare is eaten. I might be wrong. I like to think it’s pitch black mist.
  • I wonder if other dream types have different colors? Maybe a really erotic dream is red and a boring dream is grey? Also, I’m assuming some people in the Pokemon universe are selling vape rigs and flavors inspired by Munna’s mist. “Yeah, dude. Try our new flavor ‘Munna Tropical Mist.’”

Best Comment From Last Week

Cotton balls have a million household uses, so good on you, Whimsicott.

Game Freak should continue this trend with a baking soda Pokémon, and a vinegar Pokémon. And they breed to make the most useful Pokémon ever.


A Pokemon that leaves batteries around, but like those really weird sizes that nobody has in their house usually. Like watch batteries or triple-A batteries. I want a whole new type of Pokemon called “Useful.”



This morning I had to wake up for work at 5AM and I read this entry while I was on the crapper (after a night of deep sleep and weird dreams). Munna has been hunting my imagination all day ever since. I’ve know the Pokémon since black and white but never knew how about its cool traits and weird creepy lore (didn’t know about the Baku till today).

This is why I love Pokémon and why I love these weekend articles, I love the mons when they’re cute and simple but what really makes them epic is how creepy and deep they can be.  Thanks Zack and a special thanks to MegaBlastoise (if there’s a Kinja way to tag people, I don’t know it) for the highlights and the great insight into a series that has been part of my life for twenty years. <3