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Multiple Film Projects Might Move Leonardo Da Vinci From Assassin’s Creed Sidekick to Superhero Spotlight

Illustration for article titled Multiple Film Projects Might Move Leonardo Da Vinci From emAssassin’s Creed/em Sidekick to Superhero Spotlight

Hollywood loves nothing so much as copying successes. It's how gladiator, vampire and zombie trends start to run amok. And now that historical action hybrids are all the rage—Sherlock Holmes, The Da Vinci Code, we're looking at you—there's apparently a rush on projects centered on Leonardo DaVinci. Slashfilm's got the scoop here.


In a way, the prototypical Renaissance Man could be a great polymath action hero. He may not have been a brawler but he invented amazing contraptions during a time of antiquarian tumult. That's enough for Tinsel Town. It's probably not a coincidence that these projects are finding traction at a time when the Assassin's Creed games have introduced Da Vinci to new audiences via a powerful entertainment medium. Now, if DaVinci's in the Assassin's Creed movie that's in development, then someone might have to call in the Templars.


Young Leonardo Da Vinci Action Movie ‘Leonardo' in Development at Universal [Slashfilm]

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I must be missing something. Was there anything that good with zombies for everyone to start copying? Only L4D and Plants vs Zombies come to mind as mainstream success, and they are surely exploting the trend, not setting it. As for movies and TV shows, there's nothing I can remember at all, everything with zombies is either niche, just shit or both.