I don't know why, but a ton of people I know on Twitter have been talking about and rewatching The X-Files. (Clarification: This phenomenon pre-dates rumors that Mulder and Scully had gotten together in real life (which have since been debunked?) though I'm sure that's contributing lately.)


I remembered from my time watching the show that Scully said the above phone-greeting a lot, but watching this video… the words lose their meaning after a while, and it starts to sound like some weird backwards record playing. Scully says "Mulder, it's me" more often than Tami Taylor says "Y'all."


Were you a fan of The X-Files from back in the day? If you re-watched, would you just watch the mythology episodes or would you watch the whole thing? I started rewatching and found that I just could't deal with the monster of the week episodes, so I think I'll stick to the mytharc. Though I have to watch that one with the inbred monster redneck family, aka The Scariest Episode of TV Ever.

Feel free to talk about that or anything else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have a lovely weekend. The truth is out there.

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