MTV Lands Former THQ Veep

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Scott Guthrie, former executive vice president of publishing THQ, was named MTV Games new executive vice president and general manager today.


MTV Games also named former Sony Computer Entertainment America sales and merch director David Cox as their senior vice president of sales.

"With our acquisition of Harmonix to our relationship with Jerry Bruckheimer Games, Inc., MTV Games has quickly risen to become one of the top five video gaming publishers," said Toffler. "We're going after the best in music video gaming with Rock Band and the best in story telling with our Bruckheimer partnership, and now we have the best leaders and team in place to bring MTV Games to the next level and grow through the next evolution in video games."


It sounds like MTV is gearing up for the worldwide launch of The Beatles Rock Band. I can't help what the next level of MTV Games could mean; another band-themed Rock Band or something totally different?

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On a slightly related music note...

I'm sitting here obsessed with Flo Rida's cover of Right Round.

Saw the Hangover last night, and this song was playing over what may be the single greatest movie ending. Evar.