MTV Calls Konami's Rock Band Lawsuit "Surprising", "Baseless Litigation"

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Last night, word broke that Konami, publisher and developer of trailblazing rhythm games Guitar Freaks and Drummania, was suing Harmonix. The Japanese company claimed that the developer of Rock Band was in violation of three patents held by Konami, seeking damages (read: cash) and demanding that Harmonix and parent company Viacom cease the use of its inventions (read: more cash).


MTV News received a response from an MTV spokesperson on the matter — which, in my mind, was shouted across cubicles — who said the lawsuit was "extremely surprising." The rep further noted that "successful products such as 'Rock Band' can often become targets for baseless litigation." We agree, especially when the entity filing suit is showing up extremely late to the party with its own stillborn excuse for a rock game. At least those poor unfortunate litigation lawyers will finally get a few bucks coming to 'em.

Further details on the suit at MTV News.

'Rock Band' Creators Sued By 'Rock Revolution' Publisher Konami [MTV News]


Nightshift Nurse

Here's my idea Konami: JUG BAND. Boasting a four piece set-up featuring a jug (which could conceivably operate like blowing into the DS mic), a washtub base, spoons, and a washboard.

Track lists could feature such staple hits as: "Stealin'", "Jug Band Music", "Whoa, Mule", "Minglewood Blues", "Walk Right In", and "Skiffle in Stereo".

Stages could feature a wide array of freight cars, derelict train yards, Hoovervilles, and porches. Avatars would be an equally eclectic mix of Green Mountain men, Civil War amputees, sharecroppers, and Okies.

It'll be huge in the red states.