Mr. Devil May Cry "Fan", This Is Not How Democracy Works

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The Obama administration has a lot of important things to do. Weighed against acts of governing the world's sole superpower, the Devil May Cry series is not important, no matter what some crazy fans might argue.


Don't tell that to the creators of this petition on the White House's official site, though, who plead with the Obama administration to intervene on behalf of fans suffering under Ninja Theory's reboot of the series:

Dear Mr. Obama: As a consumer to the Video Game Industry there is one Video Game that has caused a lot of controversy over the past few month's.

The name of the game is DmC: Devil May Cry made by Ninja Theory and Capcom. A majority of gamer's are aggravated that this game has changed so much from it's past predecessors and the game actually insults the consumers in-game.

We, as consumers did not want nor need this reboot and we believe it violates our rights to have a choice between the original's or the reboot. This game is violating our rights as a consumer and we believe it should be pulled off shelves from game stores due to it's insulting nature and the fact that it violates our rights.

Please Mr. Obama, look into your heart and make the decision that will please us Gamers.

Actually, now I read that again, I'm not sure whether the capitalisation of "Gamers" is a sign of lunacy or that this is a fantastic prank.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures to go anywhere. And at time of writing has... 37. So either it's too crazy even for crazy Devil May Cry fans, or not enough people are getting the joke.

Get Ninja Theory's DmC: Devil May Cry pulled off the shelves. [White House]



Have these fuckbits even played the new game? It's awesome. Good fucking lord.