Does oddball British comedy make a good portable game? We'll see, I guess, since Blast Entertainment released Mr. Bean for the DS, a game featuring the hapless, juvenile character played famously by actor Rowan Atkinson. Blast Entertainment also did the PS2 Mr. Bean game last year, and points out in this new announcement that it "still sells consistently well and continues to earn a place in the Chart track top 40 PS2 budget chart each week." What can you expect from Mr. Bean DS? 12 puzzle levels and traps to avoid, missions and "exciting 3D locations." What shouldn't you expect? Probably not high production values, as you may recall Blast Entertainment CEO's Shawn Brennan pulled no punches at a UK event last year where he fired off on high development costs, calling it "ego tripping." You can also, Blast says, expect a Wii version "later this year." Full announcement follows the jump, Bean-fans!

NEW DS GAME IS FULL OF BEANS!BLAST ENTERTAINMENT RELEASE MR. BEAN ON NINTENDO DS Blast entertainment, part of the Mastertronic Group have today announced the release of Mr. Bean on Nintendo DS. The DS version follows the release of Blast Entertainment's Mr Bean Sony PS2 game that hit retail in November last year, which still sells consistently well and continues to earn a place in the Chart track top 40 PS2 budget chart each week. Mr.Bean, who burst onto our television screens in 1990 has established himself as one of the world's most popular character brands. The live action and animated Mr. Bean TV series have been in distribution around the world for 17 years and are currently broadcast in more than 60 territories. Mr. Bean's Holiday was released in more than 66 countries around the world in March 2007, grossing more than US$230 million at the Box Office and reaching no.1 in 28 countries around the world. The game includes 12 fun-packed levels full of cunning puzzles to encounter and crazy traps to avoid. Dress up as a pirate on your mission to save teddy and battle baddies with fyring pans while negotiating your way through exciting 3D locations. The Nintendo touch screen techonolgy is utilised in the exclusive Whack a mole event! 92% of children under 11 are great Mr.Bean fans and 67% of children under 11 watch the TV series regularly, according to Film Audience Research and so the game has been developed to specifically target this younger audience. Blast's Head of Marketing, Kirsty Payne commented:"We are delighted to be bringing Mr. Bean to Nintendo DS. Both brands are currently enjoying huge sales at retail and combining them is great news for consumers. Such is the popularity of this title, that we are planning to release a Wii version later this year"