Movies No Longer Exist in The Last of Us’s Ruined Future

You'll find things when you explore the disease-destroyed world of The Last of Us. Some of those things—weapons and ammo and other items that you need to survive the game's post-apocalypse—will be physical. Other discoverables will come in the form of information, like the fact that Ellie—the 14-year-old girl that players will be protecting in the PS3 exclusive—has never seen a movie.


At the Comic-Con panel for The Last of Us, Naughty Dog's Neil Druckman and Bruce Straley talked about the storytelling in their upcoming game and how players will have the option of learning what the characters have or haven't experienced. The clips above show the same sequence played, twice, with the latter showing what happens when you interact with an in-game movie poster. Embedding story inside interactive elements in environments isn't new but I'm excited to see how Naughty Dog uses mechanics like this to make the game's world and characters seem more interconnected.



im confused, is this one of those games that was announced forever ago and then still hasn't come out? or am i thinking about something else compl3tely?