Live out your own Hunger Games fantasy by playing competitive Archery Tag:

Archery Tag is best described as dodge-ball with bows and arrows! Our patented “non-lethal” foam-tipped arrows look like big marshmallows! This exciting, action-packed game offers the ultimate safe, family-friendly experience that engages the whole family. Don’t miss out on Tag…the game you never outgrow!

Two teams battle to be the first team to knock out all the centers of their opposing team's 5-spot target. Our inflatable bunkers on both sides of the field add to the challenge of the game as players strategically move between them while trying to tag other players out with the arrows. The game ends in one of 3 ways: all of an opposing team's members have been tagged out, all the 5-spots have been eliminated on an opponent's target, or a set time limit has passed. If the game ends because the time frame has expired, then the team with the least amount of center- spots knocked out wins.

A NY Times reporter tried out a match at Indoor Extreme Sports in Queens

It delivers a quick ego boost, as well; Archery Tag’s learning curve was surprisingly simple. After fumbling in the introductory round, dropping my hefty silicone bow constantly and managing to deploy only one arrow, I was in much sharper form in the second set, mowing down opponents with glee and sprinting into open terrain to grab wayward projectiles.


I’m happy to say the pain factor of Archery Tag proved minimal; my forearm stung for a few moments when hit squarely by an arrow, but it did not leave a mark. In contrast, when I volunteered to be shot with a paintball by Mr. Vilella, (a regrettable attempt at journalistic due diligence), that left a garish bruise on my thigh that lasted two weeks.

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