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Games are a commercial endeavor, complete with cross-promotional marketing. Sometimes the messages have questionable ties, but other times, the match is too good to miss.


So it is with Scion's (a Toyota company) promotion of the Vita version of Motorstorm RC. According to an announcement on the PlayStation blog, not only is Motorstorm RC launching tomorrow for PS3 and Vita, but thanks to a Scion sponsorship, the Vita edition will be completely free to download for a limited time. And they really mean free: zero cost, no additional fee to access certain content.


Motorstorm RC was a launch title for the Vita in Europe, but doesn't come to North America until tomorrow. The post from Sony doesn't clarify for how long this free deal will be available, so players interested in getting their racing on may want to get the download sooner rather than later.

We've previously reported that the PS3 and Vita versions of Motorstorm RC were designed to work together and that purchasing one would unlock the other, making this a particularly good deal for Vita owners.

MotorStorm RC Driving to PS Vita for FREE, Courtesy of Scion [PlayStation.Blog]

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