Motorstorm Apocalypse Makes A 3D Believer Of Me

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As I crossed the finish line after my fifth run through the latest Motorstorm Apocalypse track in 3D, I raised my arm in the air and let out a resounding, "Woot!" What did I have to celebrate?


For starters, I had just completed an amazingly dynamic track without crashing more than twice, which is no small feat when you've got buildings crumbling all around you, other vehicles trying to run you off the road, and a car prone to exploding if you gun it too hard for too long.

So the fact that I made it through alive was certainly a factor.

Even better, I made it through in first place. This was mainly due to the fact that Evolution Studio's Simon "Barlos" Barlow was there at my side, giving me helpful tips, like how to take advantage of air cooling, a new feature that uses air time to cool down your turbo. On a track with two large jumps before the finish line, air cooling proves instrumental in my success.


But most of all my "woot" was powered by the fact that I finally think I understand the appeal of 3D gaming.

When I read that Sony's Mick Hocking claimed Motorstorm Apocalypse would prove 3D gaming's worth, I laughed. After seeing countless other games in 3D and not seeing the appeal, how could this racing game sequel possibly change my mind?

Well it did, though I am still trying to puzzle out how. It's subtle. Perhaps that's the key.

It's not that the added depth of field gives you any advantage in the game.

It's not the random humans flying across your hood as you perpetrate extreme failure to yield.


It's those sweet moments when everything comes together. When two cars screech around the corner and a motorcycle tries to squeeze between them, only to get turned into the creamy filling in the world's worst-tasting Oreo.

Or moments when you've gone from fourth or fifth place to first place, using the game's track and techniques to the best of your ability, completely forgetting there are 3D glasses on your head.


So yes, I believe in 3D gaming, at least just this once. That's got to be worth a brief woot.

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Color me jealous. I'm one of those poor jokers that everyone feels sorry for but is glad not to be: I can't perceive the 3D stereoscopic effect. ;o;

Kind of like those people who do that thing where they turn their tongue into a tube or whatever. Yeah, I'm jealous of you guys too. Assholes.

Just kidding. Much love. <3 I'm still jealous though.