Motley Crue Single Sells More On 360 Than On iTunes

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Anyone got an explanation for this? Because I'm stumped. Motley Crue's regrettable new single, Saints of Los Angeles, has sold 10,000 "copies" via iTunes and Amazon since release. But on 360? According to the band's management, it's been bought 47,000 times since being released as a piece of Rock Band DLC. And that's not even counting the PS3 version of the game. So they're understandably chuffed. Pity they're missing the big picture. Because 47,000 is nothing compared to what they'd sell if they'd go ahead and release Kickstart My Heart already.


Rock acts ringing up sales via video games [Reuters]


That Fuzzy Bastard

I don't think it's piracy so much as disinterest. I mean, I sure wasn't going to buy the new Motley Crue track just for my listening pleasure. But to have something new to play in Rock Band, sure?

Really I've bought a lot of stuff that I don't particularly like listening to, but do enjoy playing in RB. Of course, some of it I end up liking enough to buy on iTunes, just because I get so familiar with it that I start wanting to hear it—-hell, I tracked down some Japanese pop songs during my years of DDR obsession.