Mortal Kombat Takes Its Shadow Boxing Seriously

Fan favorite characters fight in the shadows in a trailer for the new Mortal Kombat so dark and moody they had to play Disturbed's new song "Another Way to Die" to lighten things up.


"Another Way to Die" is a track off Disturbed's Asylum album, and it's a perfect fit for a teaser of the brand new Mortal Kombat, due out sometime next year from Warner Bros. Games and NetherRealm Studios.

The trailer itself doesn't seem to have any point besides showing us how cool Mortal Kombat is, which we already knew.

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Cranberriest G

This reminds me...

I am of the opinion that Scorpion is the most popular Mortal Kombat character.

My fiancee, however, is sure that, in her words, "pretty much everyone" else is more popular.

We've been going back and forth on this for a while now.

She's about four years younger than me so her Mortal Kombat is actually quite different than my Mortal Kombat but I still think I'm right.

Did the popularity of MK's characters change so much in just a few years, or was Scorpion never as popular as I thought he was?

Skype conversation posted below for reference.

Sl0th: Scorpion Johnny Cage?

Tamarin: yes.

Sl0th: Scorpion All?

Tamarin: no.

Sl0th: Scorpion < ?

Tamarin: Sub Zero, Liu Kang, Kabal, Shang Szung, Kung Lao...

Tamarin: hell, pretty much everyone

Sl0th: gah, i hate you.

Tamarin: sorry

Tamarin: I like scorpion

Tamarin: but he is not more bad ass than Sub Zero

Tamarin: or Liu Kang

Tamarin: especially liu kang

Sl0th: Well, how about popularity?

Tamarin: ok

Tamarin: I still think scorpion < liu kang and Zero.

Tamarin: shit, sub zero got his own fucking game.

Tamarin: sorry

Tamarin: scorpion is up there though

Sl0th: Dude...