Mortal Kombat Player Takes Revenge After Jerk Teabags His Friend

If you’re gonna be a dick about winning, you probably shouldn’t do it to someone whose best friend is waaaaaaaaay better than you.

In the above video, MrGrawrD witnesses his friend get mercilessly pummeled and then tea-bagged—that most disrespectful of video game victory gestures—by some jerk online in Mortal Kombat X. So what does MrGrawrD do? He takes off his kid gloves and beats the man until his skull pops like a rotten cherry, which is almost tame by Mortal Kombat standards.


“BRUTALITY,” he shouts. “Don’t you ever do that to my friend again!”

“You tea-bagged a harmless fellow who was just trying to have fun online,” he says to the tea-bagging douchebag. “Look at my Liu Kang. That’s a winner. You know how I know? Because he has his head.”


They say revenge is a dish best served cold. You have to admit, though, that piping hot revenge is way more satisfying to watch. It was even kinda heartwarming, in its own way. Can’t blame a dude for standing up for his friend—and then making a person’s eyes go flying out of their skull, because video games.

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They act like the teabagging hurt his feeling so bad that it had to be avenged...... talk about over dramatic.