Mortal Kombat Characters Are Getting Drunk for St. Patrick’s Day

Today, Bo Rai Cho isn’t the only drunken master in Earthrealm. Everybody in Mortal Kombat X will be throwing back green beers and feeling a little bit luckier this March 17th.

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The new Watch Out Leprechauns premier tower went up earlier this week, bundling together eight matches where players will have to contend with modifiers thematically tied to St. Patrick’s Day. The modifiers are basically re-skins of features already in the game, but instead of Kabal’s blade randomly slicing back and forth on the bottom of the screen, it’s marching leprechauns.

You can see me run through some of the Watch Out Leprechauns fights in the videos posted here. There’s green beer that slows Kombatants down, beams of luck-granting light that refill Super meters and a drunk confusion modifier that changes up the functions for button inputs.

It’s all mostly fun and games until that last brawl in the tower, which throws multiple modifiers at you all at once. The experience is like a fight to the death after way too many beer-and-a-shot specials, but it ends with a little reward for making it to the end of the rainbow.

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ugh... I really hate that people have to use St Patrick’s day as an excuse for every shithead out there to get drunk and act like a fucking asshole and also do it because “getting drunk is an irish thing”

The worst are the dickbags that order ‘carbombs’. I just want to strangle them.

And this is coming from a 2nd gen Irish-American who lives in Boston and works a block away from the nonsense... and also enjoys drinking.