Mortal Kombat 11’s Competitive ‘Kombat League’ Kicks Off This Week

“Kombat League” is an all-new seasonal ranked mode in which players compete over the course of four weeks to earn exclusive in-game items. Teased in Mortal Kombat 11’s multiplayer menu since the game launched in late April, the first Kombat League season starts *checks watch* tomorrow. Oh dear.


Each Kombat League season will see players fighting ranked matches against similarly-skilled opponents, progressing through nine tiers, beginning with Apprentice and ending with Elder God. At the end of the four week competition, players will earn cosmetic rewards based on the highest rank they achieved during the season, so once they reach Elder God they can nap for the rest of the event without fear of missing out on cool garb. Players can also win rewards by completing both daily and season missions, like spilling a certain amount of blood during the event.

Yes, blood. Each Kombat League event will be themed, and the first one is called the “Season of Blood”. Advancing through the ranks in this season will earn players special skins that are black, white and red all over.

The Season of Blood event starts tomorrow, June 18, which is also when Kombat Pack 1 owners get early access to Shang Tsung. Coincidence? Probably.

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Gene Jacket

I saw the trailer this morning and my first thought was “That’s cool, but I will never, ever, ever touch it”. If something like this had been in the first Injustice (when I was in tournament shape) I’d have been all over it, but if MKX/Injustice2/MK11 have taught me anything, it’s that that time is over and I no longer find online 1v1 fights enjoyable at all. There is no in-between if you’re not a top-level player, there’s no exciting back and forth, you either wreck or get wrecked...and I personally just don’t find that fun.

Still, though, super cool feature for those top-level, tournament-ready players.