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Morrowind Still Coming To Skyrim, Still Looking Fantastic

The team behind Skywind, a fan project aimed at transferring Morrowind to the SKyrim engine, have released another trailer. Thanks, guys. Not like I needed the extra sense of longing.


The mod is hopefully going to be out by the end of the year, but then, it's a fan project, not a retail game bound by a contract. So really, it'll be out when it's ready.

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Either Morrowind fans are a bit of a subset or I'm just missing something. I freely admit it could well be the latter, but to me Morrowind looks like the last place I'd want to adventure. Lots of barren landscapes, deadfalls, swamps, huge fungus problems, alien/mutated animals, and fugly Dark Elves.

For those who look at this video and squeeee with joy, what is it that you like so much? Is it really the environment, or are you really just reminded of fun from another game and are not necessarily keen on the environment itself?