We've already posted some of the coolest Super Smash Bros. stage creations so far. Many of the stages were created by Western games, so now, let's have a look at what Japanese Super Smash Bros. players are sharing online.

As previously mentioned, the game's new level editor allows folks to create custom stages and then share said stages. This has resulted in loads of player creativity, including a new sport.

Let's see some of the stages that are being shared online in Japan.

[Photo: dodontata]

[Photo: XxkirbylovexX]

[Photo: arufa02]

[Photo: kuri555]

[Photo: DECXiX]

[Photo: yoshikeizi]

[Photo: kanZ_mikage]

[Photo: kwsk]

Perfume, of course, is a Japanese pop group.

[Photo: yukishin10]

[Photo: yoshikeizi]

[Photo: kuri555]

Top photo: yoshikeizi

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