More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About The Sega Dreamcast

The latest from the video game trivia masters at Did You Know Gaming? tackles Sega's ill-fated but fondly remembered Dreamcast—from inception to downfall.


(Is it just me or is the rapid-fire pacing of this channel's video releases starting to get a little crazy?)

Anyway, the Dreamcast was not a bad system, but a perfect storm of factors led Sega to eventually discontinue it and ditch the game hardware business entirely. Everybody knows that.

But did you know that Sega made official Dreamcast light gun and camera accessories that it never released in the US? Or how about the fact that then-Sega Chairman Isao Ikawa appealed personally to Bill Gates in the hopes that Microsoft would build native Dreamcast game support into the Xbox after the Sega console's death?

These tidbits aren't breaking news, but there is so much information packed into the video that I can pretty confidently guarantee you'll learn something from it—even if it's that you never wanted to know so much about the Dreamcast in the first place.


Return Of Samus

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