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More than Just Asteroids Crash to Earth In Rage

The post-apocalyptic world of Rage was created by an asteroid impact in the year 2029. You'd have to assume the lucky survivors would rather not see objects plummet from the sky, right?


Imagine their surprise then, and that of the player, when they see a vehicle launch skywards and, after a brief spell up there, come crashing back down.

Implausible, you say? Well, that's exactly what happens in this glitch, courtesy of solo77!


Watch as this buggy drops towards the surface, sticks in the ground, then spins itself into the air again, eventually resulting in a crashed heap of metal and fire. Quick word of caution about a small use of inappropriate language in the video.

Of note is that the player lives, surviving the second major impact of his lifetime. Survivor indeed.

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What the fuck man, what the fuck is happening. What the fuck.