The fact developer High Voltage Software has yet to find a publisher for The Conduit, which is the FPS Wii-exclusive title, hasn't stopped it from announcing a first-quarter 2009 release. The Conduit Information Center site also has a nice little cache of screenshots, one is above, some are after the jump. IGN put up four new ones on Friday.

Also, a Q&A with High Voltage's software development director gives a few more details on the game itself, including:

• Three modes for online play. Offline play is single-player. LAN multiplayer likely. They're trying to get voice chat online.

• Enemies use portals to bring in reinforcements; destroying them will be a key.

• Set in fictional Earth of the near future, the story takes on a dark conspiracy-theory tone that unravels pretty fast after you get sent to investigate an extra-terrestrial encounter. Think the X-Files with stranger weapons.

• Your adversaries are called The Drudge. I battle drudgery every day, lemme tell ya. ...

Hit the jump for the eye candy.


The Conduit Information Center: Interview Qs and As [The Conduit Information Center, thanks Karasu is my Homeboy]