More Pics Of The Scratch DJ Controller

We've received some new shots of the official Scratch: The Ultimate DJ turntable controller, now in delicious PlayStation 3 flavor.

Crafted by real turntable manufacturers Numark, the Scratch controller for the PlayStation 3 is very much like its Xbox 360 counterpart, though slightly more attractive thanks to the darker coloration. The official name for the controller is Scratch Deck, as it is a deck on which one scratches.


"For decades, Numark has been developing turntables, DJ mixers and digital DJ controllers. We know what professional DJs demand, and we used that knowledge to produce SCRATCH DECK," said Adam Cohen, Director of Business Development, Numark. "It was critical that we deliver an authentic DJ experience to gamers, whether they be experienced DJs or players who have never put a needle to vinyl."

I particularly enjoy the picture that shows us how to turn it over in order to make it left-handed. Left-handed people never would have figured that out on their own.


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