One thing I've picked up over the years is how oblivious most Americans are to the success of EA's FIFA. It's not your fault, just, it's not a game on most people's radar.

So it's probably news to most Americans that the game is popular. Immensely popular. Like, bigger-than-Madden popular. And how popular is that? Let's take a look at these figures.


For starters, FIFA was EA's biggest-selling game last year (FIFA 09 selling over 7 million copies worldwide). And the year before that. Which means a lot of people play it online. Like, enough for there to be an average of 1.25 million games of FIFA 09 played every day, with 141 million having been played in total since the game's release in September.

Those numbers are crazy numbers. And you know the craziest part? They're deserved, because FIFA 09 was actually a really, really good game (especially the 10v10 online multiplayer).

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