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Some Sales Data For Left 4 Dead, Rock Band 2, Mirror's Edge & Dead Space

Illustration for article titled Some Sales Data For Left 4 Dead, Rock Band 2, Mirrors Edge  Dead Space

It wasn't all bad news and leaky product announcements during yesterday's EA conference call. Some good came of it. Like positive sales figures for some of EA's riskier titles.


Like Left 4 Dead, whose physical copies EA published, and which went on to sell 1.8 million copies. Or Rock Band 2, which sold 1.9 million units despite it's stupid, staggered release schedule (this data is until December 31, with the popular Wii version having only just come out).


The even riskier propositions - EA's wholly-original IP - did OK as well. They're hardly what you'd call a raging success, but both Mirror's Edge and Dead Space managed to sell over a million copies each.

For reference, EA's top-selling title for the quarter was FIFA 09, which moved an astonishing 7.8 million copies. Or more than those other four games combined.

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All this talk of sales. Goes to show that "hardcore gamers" don't know that games like FIFA are what people really want to play together.