More Nintendo 3DS Dpad Woes

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Soon after the Nintendo 3DS, photos surfaced of wrinkled 3DS buttons. The paint on the buttons and the Dpad seemed "warped".


The issue appeared isolated, but was related to the paint used on the 3DS. More photos have now surfaced showing how another 3DS had a warped D-pad that, over time, has started flaking and peeling.

Honestly, this could be a defective product. And I say this, not only as a 3DS owner, but as a 3DS owner who hasn't yet used his 3DS enough to cause the D-pad paint to fall off.

3DSに欠陥発見、数か月で十字キーがボロボロに・・・ [ゲー速まとまと]

(Top photo: 2ch)

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Why did you write this article? You even admitted that you didn't know if this was a wide spread problem. If I send a few random pics of a dislodged dpad on my duel shock, can we get an article on it? Just seems like another chance to hate on the system, especially with the last line.

I've used mine quite a bit and have no issues with paint chipping off.