More Nightmarish Sexy Time With Catherine

Upcoming game Catherine gets another teaser trailer, which not only teases, but also baffles. That's Catherine for ya!


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Now they're definitely screwing with us.

We start the trailer off with an animated opening to what appears to be a "Movie Review/Preview" show called "Golden" something something hosted by afro-licious "Midnight Venus". (Seriously, her afro is sparkling and jiggles when she moves her head. How the frak does she pull that off?!)

Venus then treats us to a "preview" of the game and discusses the game, premise, and other what nots. After she waves bye bye and signs off, we then have the pleasure of hearing Vincent scream in anguish while on the crapper with his bar buddies outside wondering what the hell his problem is.

This game looks funny as hell, but also creepy, freaky, and awesome. We got puzzle platforming mixed in with adventure style gaming with Vincent talking and searching for clues in the real world, and dream world.

I have no idea what this game is going to be like, but these teasers just keep making me want more. The humor, the animation, the characters, the gameplay, it all looks so exotic and fascinating.