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More Manga Mystery

To: Bash From: Crecente Re: Baby Update Well I learned a thing or two about manga yesterday didn't I? Not least of which is that people are pretty passionate about them. (Kohler even called me an old man) What I didn't learn though was what the name of that old mid-70s serial was. A number of people emailed in suggestions, but no one was sure. After looking at them I suspect that the name of the serial is still a mystery. So here are a few more scans. The biggest problem is that I'm missing the first ten pages of the manga. I can tell you this: It is a copy of Weekly Shonen, number 38 from 1975. The whole thing, which seems to end on a cliff hanger, is about 25 pages long. Yes, I've become obsessed with this. What you missed: The New 50 Cent Game May Have Been Dead, but It Sure As Hell Isn't Anymore Yup, You'll Be Able To Buy A Mega Man 9 Box Celebrate The LittleBig Planet Launch October 21st Safely Within Your Spacesuit Activision UK Giving Out Free Guitars With World Tour Pre-Orders Mega Man 9 Release Dates Revealed EA Respond To DRM Complaints Rock Band 2 Review: Second Verse Same As The First How to Build Your Own Xbox 360 Avatar


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