If you're looking for more elegant ways to charge your DualShock 4s and Xbox One controllers, we've got some creative new spins for you.

The Nyko Modular Charge Station plugs directly into the Playstation 4 and lives on top of it, saving space in the process. We were told the white version is a Gamestop exclusive, but it's available for preorder on Amazon for $5 less than Gamestop.

Update: The White Charge Station is a timed Gamestop exclusive and will ship near the Destiny launch, and not from other retailers until near the end of October.


The Modular Charge Station relies on plugging the same dongles into the DualShock 4 used by the Nyko Charge Base we mentioned a while back, which are also compatible with the Nyko Power Pak discussed in the same article.

The Xbox One will also be getting a Modular Charge Station which uses battery packs with exposed pins rather than the dongles on the DualShock 4. There is no word yet on a white version of any of this to go with the upcoming White Xbox One.

Another product called the Modular Power Station is coming for the Xbox One, though that model attaches to the side of the console rather than the top, and relies on two Nyko batteries and retractable USB cords. Confused yet? Basically you charge the batteries inside the compartment that attaches to the side of the console.

If you prefer that form factor, there's also a Modular Charging Kit coming for the PS4, which uses the same side mounting strategy with retractable USB cables.

If you're pressed for space, there's no question that these latest charging options are a creative way to cut down on clutter. Let us know how you charge your controllers, and what you think of these new entries in the comments.

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