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The latest issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu has more information about upcoming PS3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles. Here goes: There is a large "Wizard" organization that has its own giant airship. (Lucky!) The group is helmed by a young fella named Glasel. There are three new giant monsters monikered "Gigas" who were originally summoned by three Wizard members — only to be later possessed by the monsters. Combat-wise, enemies such as these monsters have their own elemental strength. This can be countered by magic and weapons with varying elemental damage. Note: Magic has four types of elemental damage, while weapons have three types of elemental damage. White Knight Chronicles: More On Wizard And Battle System [PS3 Hyper]


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Why does there always have to be an airship? How about a submarine for a change, or a teleport room, or an underground chamber that has multiple tunnels that get you to other locations?